"Virco's ZUMA line has been a perfect fit for us. ZUMA rocking chairs serve as our standard classroom seating. Our students benefit from the extra movement and gentle range of motion provided by these rockers, which help them maintain higher levels of attentiveness throughout the day. ZUMA rockers are not just for students with attending needs; they are for every child!"

Brenda Farmer, Principal
Sunset Elementary School
Cody, Wyoming

"Our teachers really like their ZUMA furniture. The desks are perfect for project-based learning and working in teams, and the chairs are very comfortable. I've enjoyed going from room to room to see how our classrooms are being arranged; the different configurations are incredible!"

Mark Melton, Principal
Yukon High School
Yukon, Oklahoma

Teachers from the Pediatric Therapy Network Partnership Project

Examples of feedback from the teachers included the following:

In answer to the question, "If you had to do this all over again, would you participate (why or why not)?"

"Yes! I love the furniture. My class scored very well on the CST (California Standards Test). The students are so proud of their classroom. I love the way the carpet keeps the noise down and the classroom environment is beautiful. 'Moving furniture' is a privilege-with set rules it is not a problem."

When asked for general feedback, another teacher wrote:

The furniture helped my students to focus by providing them with the opportunity to move, swivel and rock. The standing tables, high lab stools and rocking chairs were very popular. The tables allow for flexible grouping and are great for collaborative learning activities. My room is perfectly organized and appealing thanks to bookshelves and cabinets that allow the students to keep all the important supplies without cluttering up their desks.

The children also had very many positive things to say about the furniture. It was noteworthy that many of them expressed how proud they were to be chosen to have the new furniture and that having the special chairs made them want to take better care of their classrooms.

"We have been using ZUMA rocker chairs at our school for three years now. There was an immediate increase in student engagement and a decrease in students wanting to leave the room or get up and move around the classroom. The students absolutely love using the chairs because of their need to "move." Students are more focused in class and as a result are experiencing more academic success. Classroom management problems have also decreased since we started using the ZUMA rocker chairs.

Not only have we noticed an improvement in student success in school but we have also noticed that adults benefit from using these chairs. As we scan a room of adults during a meeting we immediately identify those who need the motion in order to remain focused on the tasks at hand.

Arlene Fehr, Principal
Gold River Secondary School
Gold River, British Columbia, Canada

"After years of studying brain based-learning, I have found the product that can help children! ZROCK chairs allow for constant student motion (which improves brain stimulation, focus, and therefore learning) without disrupting the class! No more chairs tipping over or scolding children because they are always moving. This product really works!"

Karen Bachman, Principal
C.D. Brillhart Elementary School
Napoleon, Ohio

"As a physical therapist, I do preschool screenings and work with students who have special needs in several school districts. I really appreciate ZUMA rockers because they help these kids stay engaged and focused."

"I first learned about ZUMA rockers from another manufacturer's representative who recommended them to me. Since then, I've used them in many different learning environments; kids love the rockers and the comments from their teachers have all been positive."

"Another nice thing about ZUMA rockers is their appearance; they look like they belong in a classroom and don't stigmatize the kids that use them. ZUMA rockers are great for preschoolers, for students with special needs, and for all students who'd benefit from extra movement while seated."

Beverly Lankitus, Physical Therapist
Mahoning County Educational Service Center
Boardman, Ohio

"I love the one chair we have so far--may have to get one for myself. I just wanted to let you know, I loaned the chair out today for several teachers to try."

"The student that has used it so far today (8-12:00) has rocked the entire time and has made an 80, 90, and 100 on tests that he usually doesn't score well on. I love good results!!!!!"

Teresa Yaughn, RPT
Rosa Taylor Elementary School
Macon, Georgia